Introduce My Blog “Daniel’s Daily Life”

Finally, I decided to use “”. It is so difficult than “” but, “” does not satisfy me.

Of course, “” doesn’t fully satisfy me. but it is better than “”.



At first, I was going to open my blog at “”. And actually, I opened my blog last week at “”. However, when I tried posting on my blog and fixing my own options,  it didn’t work out for me at the “”.

I thought about this for a few days and finally decided to make a new blog on “”.

Anyway, I will introduce my blog briefly.

About me

  • Author: Daniel Choi
  • Job: DIKY STUDIO CEO, Blogger in South Korea
  • Favorite: Photo, Travel, Military, iPhone, Golf, Billiard, K-pop, Movie, CAR, Familly, and Friend etc.,


About My Blog

  • Birth Date: 12th  March 2018
  • Subject: Daily life, My thoughts, K-pop NEWs, Military & Weapon, CAR, Movie & STAR NEWs, Romantic Relationships, World Sports NEWs, etc., and special article about KOREA.

I have been running a blog in South Korea for a long time. And I think the best thing about running my blog is that I can share various stories with many people.

So I started making this blog in English to share more stories with more people all over the world.


My Blog does not have enough content yet. However, I will try to make a little better blog every day.

If you can subscribe to my blog and leave a message of support, I will try to make a good posting. Thank You~

Have a Good Day~~

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