Amazing & Brilliant Advertising Design

Long ago, I heard the phrase “advertising design is comprehensive art”. I think this explains why advertising design can be done with creative planning and a combination of media that effectively expresses it.

In this posting, I would like to introduce some of the amazing advertising designs that ideas are flashing.


This is a spaghetti advertisement. Just to see it, can you imagine eating spaghetti deliciously? isn’t it?

The design you’ll see next time may seem a little disgusting. But, it’s a great idea


How is it? Doesn’t it disgust you to see it? It was a nose hair trimmer advertisement that used electronic wires effectively around it.


I think anyone can recognize it as soon as they see it. This is a KitKat chocolate advertisement.


WOW !!! This is McDonald’s advertisement using lighting.  Am I only one who wants to eat McDonald’s potato chips?


What do I need to explain? It is cool~~. Sprite advertisement, giving a good description of the main concept of the product.


This is the best advertisement I’ve shown you today. This design is a campaign to save water. The boy with a huge water tank on his head is a powerful message to the minds of people who see it.

I’ll write it down this far today. I promise to post more interesting and useful information tomorrow, and I’ll get out here. Bye~ Have a good time~.

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