The Mysteries of the World’s Top 10 No Entry Zones

There are many mysteries on Earth. The 10 forbidden areas in the world are still unknown as to why they exist and how they were built. As a result, many assumptions are being made and doubts are growing.

When we see mysterious events or structures, we want to find more information because of their mystery and wonder.However, there are 10 forbidden areas where information can not be found anywhere and people can not access it.

Let’s find out why they were chosen as the world’s top 10 forbidden areas.

Area 51 in the United States


The first is the Area 51 of Nevada in the United States. The U.S. government has officially announced the reason for its designation as a restricted area, saying it is related to the training of new air force fighters and the development of weapons.

However, many people think the area is related to the Roswell incident in 1960.

The name of area 51 is not an official name and is given because it is located at 51 degrees latitude. The U.S. government has so far denied the presence of area 51, but it admitted the presence of area 51 when related documents were released in 2013.

The fact that area 51 has something to do with the Rosewell case has caused a large number of alien followers to flock to the area.However, the U.S. government has declined to comment on the fact that area 51 is associated with aliens. And yet this area is not allowed to be reached under tight control.


Pine Gap in Australia


The second is Pine Gap in Australia, which is a region called Area 51. Located 20 kilometers southwest of Alice Springs, central Australia, it is internationally known as the Joint Defence Space Research Facility.

All but eight of the giantdom and entrances are underground and jointly operated by the CIA, NSA, and NRO of the United States. It is believed to be a secret American military facility built in the 1970s.The United States officially says it is a defense system against missile attacks from rogue states.But most likely, it is the Central Control Center, which is used to intercept and monitor all radio waves from around the world.

The area shoots without warning if you approach it without permission, and is prohibited from filming and flying like the area 51 of U.S.


The nuclear missile zone in Russia


The third most prohibited area is the nuclear missile zone in Russia. It is believed to be the place where the Soviet Union conducted and stored its nuclear weapons during the Cold War, and is thought to have been contaminated by massive radiation, and very few things are known externally.

Russia denies the existence of the region and refuses to release any information. Right now, some officials have testified about the area, making it a fact. However, we are only guessing that location, but none of the facts are known about this area.


Moscow Metro 2


Fourth is Metro 2, the subway in Moscow. It is a different route from the one running in Moscow, but it is thought to have been built during the Stalin era, a secret underground subway that was not opened to the public, and its code name is D-6.

Metro 2 is known to have a special corridor connected to the Moscow Metro Subway, and it is said to come about 160 meters after passing through the iron gate. It is an underground passage in case of emergencies and nuclear attacks that is supposed to pass through the Kremlin Palace and major Russian facilities, located on the 7th floor.


Pyongyang Room 39


The fifth one is Room 39 in Pyongyang, North Korea. The building is also known in Pyongyang as a highly luxurious building and is never opened to the public. There are rumors that the building is being used for secret meetings and transactions with foreign countries, and is also being used as a secret gathering place for North Korea’s high-ranking officials.

Recent testimony from defectors from North Korea shows that the lives of the North’s high class are going too far, and that is presumed to be where they are. It is very shocking and sad that North Korea, an internationally isolated country, has such a place.

However, the truth is room 39 in North Korea is still full of doubts and the truth is still unknown.


Raf Menwiht Hill in England


The sixth location is Raf Menwiht Hill in North Yorkshire, England. This is a facility managed by a security agency in the United States, and it was built in 1960 and expanded its infrastructure in 1970.

There the United States National Security Agency and the U.K. Government Communications Headquarters together, and they monitor information throughout Europe. It was built during the Cold War to monitor Russia from a closer distance and now works in a wide range of fields.


Vatican City Secret Service


The Secret Service in Vatican City, the smallest country on Earth in northwestern Italy, is the seventh place. Vatican City is the city, which is responsible for the Catholic churches and dioceses all over the world.

In medieval Europe, the Bible had the upper hand than anything else, and the pope was on par with the king. There are many historical records stored here, and people are strictly forbidden to enter. There is still no open request for that many documents, and that is why there is a requirement for Pope’s permission, and most of all, there is a reluctance to see it as sacrilege to Catholics.


Lascaux Cave in France


In France, Lascaux cave in the town of Montignac is the eighth stop. The cave, which was found accidentally by young villagers around 1940, is estimated to have been created between 35,000 and 10,000 BC.

The cave has a wall of buffalo, wild horses, deer and goats in several rooms with 600 paintings and 1,500 sculptures. In particular, the large hole in the center of the ox is known as a fascinating spectacle.

It was opened to the public until 1963, but it has not been opened to the public since the damage became serious. However, it is now open to the public by creating and displaying the Lascaux Cave2 that looks like the Lascaux Cave.

Lascaux Cave 2 is on the list of 100 World Heritage Sites that should be seen before death, but the actual cave of Lascaux Cave is closed to the public.


Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant


The reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine, called the biggest disaster of mankind, was ranked ninth.

In April 1986, the horrible thing happened when the fourth reactor exploded, releasing radiation. An inexperienced night shift tested the nuclear safety system, leaving the nuclear power plant turned off, causing the explosion.

In addition, the Soviet Union’s late reaction grew further, measuring radiation from Sweden, 1,200km away. They were immediately buried with concrete and lead, but over the next five years more than 7,000 people were exposed and more than 700,000 people were treated, not to mention who was on-site.

And so far, Chernobyl has become a land of death where no life forms can survive. Of course, people can’t get to this place.


Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan


In comparison, Japan’s latest nuclear plant accident in Fukushima is the last 10 prohibited areas. In March 2011, the 9.0-magnitude earthquake that hit northeastern Japan caused a massive radiation leak at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

As the power supply of the primary, secondary and third units were cut off, more than 300 tons of radiation flowed into the sea daily. The incident is reported to have affected neighboring countries like South Korea and China by ocean currents.

I’ve looked over all 10 forbidden places in the world. Some were intentionally blocked from approaching people for political purposes, others were dangerous if people came near them.

I want to end my post today by thinking that the world that we live in is full of mysteries we don’t know about.