True Scary Story : A drunken woman



This is a real story. A few years ago, she traveled to the sea with her friends for a summer vacation. After arriving at the sea, she and her friends drank a lot to enjoy their summer vacation at the hotel.

They’re all drunk. So some of them fell asleep and some of them were still in the living room drinking.

Just then, a friend who was asleep suddenly jumped up. And all of a sudden, she started twisting her body around here and going around the room. It was so funny to see her tottering drunk.



She stumbled and snapped her head against the wall and fell on the floor. Then she got up again and stumbled around the room. Then, she would blow her head against the wall again, hit the window, fall on the floor and stand up.

The people watching her looked funny, but she seemed to be in danger if left alone. So her friends managed to calm her down and help her fall asleep in bed.

The next day, she and her friends all shook with fear when they heard the story of her friends who fell asleep together.



Four other friends who fell asleep with her last night had the same nightmare at the same time.

Last night, four of her friends lay still in their dreams and the ghost, looking at them, grabbed her head and dragged her out to the living room as if she were picking one.

And the ghost dragged her back over here and threw her head on the wall and on the floor. Then when the ghost lost her head, she ran to the room desperately. Every time, the ghost grabbed her and dragged her around again.

And her friends lay motionless and watched the ghost drag her around.

After all, what her friends didn’t fall asleep saw wasn’t her drunk, wobbling. It was a ghost that grabbed her friend’s hair and dragged her back over here.


The Scary True Story : “You have already lost your organs”

Sometimes what really happened around us was scarier than any other scary movie or story.  Did you know that there were cases of buying and selling human organs? The man who had lost his organs didn’t even notice them.

This terrible story is about a young man who actually happened a long time ago in Asia.


A strong college student was walking down the street. He was walking in a quiet alley. At that time, he saw an old lady dragging a cart along the hill.

The young man helped her by pushing her cart from behind because she felt so hard.

“Let,s go! Let,s go! ”


Grandmother was so grateful for the young man’s help that she gave him a bottle of drink.

“No, Thanks”

The young man declined to drink something that she felt was a burden on her.

“I’m so grateful. Come on, drink this.”

Grandma thanked him and recommended he drink his soda quickly.

“Thank you.”

The young man drank a drink thanking her for her kindness.

After two hours……….

“Where am I? Why am I here?”

The young man opened his eyes and was in a small bathroom. The young man soon came to his senses, but he couldn’t move.

When the young man finally came to his senses, he found a red mark in the old bathroom mirror on one wall.


” There is a telephone behind your back so please request for help. “

The young man called the police to ask for help. And when the police heard the current situation from a young man, they spoke in a sullen voice.

“You’ve already had your organs stolen.”

Do you understand this situation?  Yes, it is. The naive, friendly old lady was a member of the organ trafficking ring.

Her role was to lure passing youth into a drink with an anesthetic in it.

How would you feel if one day you came back to your senses after drinking soda from an old lady you had passed by, and your stomach was covered with surgical scars and your organs were gone?

It’s hard to believe that the story really existed. However, this is a terrible true story that happened in Asia in the early 1990s.