Why did I name my blog The Birch Forest?



Hi, there~

As many of you may know, I live in Korea. And I have been running a blog in Korea for 6 years. I had a lot of fun running my blog in Korea, and I remember hard times. I once felt so tired that I stopped blogging. However, it was still fun for me to share many of the world’s interesting stories with many people. So, I’ve been running my blog steadily. And I recently started a new blog in English.

The reason why I started my new blog in English is very simple. I think only Koreans can read the blog in Korean, but if I run it in English, I think I can tell interesting stories to more people.

In fact, I’ve been a little busier over the past week to start my own blog since it was my first time making English one. There were many things that I thought about while I was making my blog in English, and one of them was naming it. There was something that came to mind when I thought about many things to name the blog.



It happened a few years ago.

At that time I was having a hard day because my business wasn’t going well. That day I came home after working very busy all day long. I was so exhausted that I didn’t want to think about anything that day. I was sitting on the couch in the living room after dinner my wife had prepared me, and my two little boys were still begging me to buy toys. It was a normal evening, but on that day I was so tired that I found it very annoying to talk to the children. So I was very upset with the children, but my wife was upset with me when she saw me. I also turned on the TV without having any conversation with my family because I was very upset.

At that time, the documentary that was shown on TV was about a man who made his own forest.

The man on TV was doing a big business in the city. However, his wife got cancer. The man tried hard to fix his wife, but she became increasingly ill and could die before long. In the meantime, his business was going to the dogs, and he was losing his will to live. Before his wife died, he decided to go into the mountain with his beloved wife and live comfortably without any problems.

Eventually, he stopped all his business and went into the forest with his wife. There, he gave up all his greed and started taking care of his sick wife, picking herbs in the mountains, and picking up vegetables from the mountains.

The man started planting the birch with the thought of controlling his mind.

But something amazing happened.

While growing the birch and caring for the wife, the wife started to recover more and more, and the birch trees grew taller and became a forest.

What is more surprising is that …

The birch that the man started to grow as if it were changing his mind became a beautiful grove of birch trees, and it became a vacation spot for people to visit and take a rest.

Eventually, the man who abandoned all his greed and business and chose his beloved wife came to realize the true value of life with consolation in his birch forest. And now, as the birch forest became known to many people and popular with people, naturally the man could make much more money than before. Most importantly, since his wife was living in the wild without any concerns, she has now fully recovered from cancer and completely restored her health.



The birch forest I grow in my heart.

That evening, I was impressed with the man’s birch forest while watching this documentary. And I also decided to grow a birch forest in my mind. And I think now is the time. Living in Korea and making English blogs as a Korean is like growing a birch for me.

If I keep posting my sincere and sincere efforts, wouldn’t it create a wonderful birch forest that many people visit and rest in the future?