Ghost in the dark

One night, a boy was going home late in the evening. That day, the sky was full of dark clouds as if it were going to rain. The boy was a little scared, but he went into the dark alley to get home faster.

just then

At that end of the dark alley, the smoke started to bleed and gradually became a ghost.

The boy thought he would run away, but he couldn’t move at all. Just then, the ghost told the boy in a uniquely resonant voice.



“HHHHHHHH~~~~~~~ Go back three steps ~~~~”

The boy was so scared. So he three stepped back as the ghost said. Then, the ghost told the boy again.

“HHHHHHH~~~~ Go left two steps~~~~~”

Again, the boy moved to the left as the ghost said. Then, the ghost disappeared into the air and told the boy as if it felt good.

“HHH~~~, You stepped on the dung~~~~~”

HA HA HA~~~~


But it’s not the end. A few days later, the boy came back into the alley. It was a dark night then. And then the ghost appeared in front of the boy again. The boy was scared, but this time he decided not to be fooled by the ghost.

“HHHHHHHH~~~~~~~ Go back three steps ~~~~”

Again, the ghost ordered the boy. However, the boy didn’t move around this time. Then the ghost looked confused. And the ghost soon ordered again.

“HHHHHHH~~~~ Go left two steps~~~~~”

But this time, the boy didn’t move around. The ghost looked at the boy with a look of disbelief. The ghost then disappeared into the air like smoke, leaving the boy a final message.

“HHHHH~~~~ How long will you be stepping on that dung?…. HHHH~~”