True Scary Story : A drunken woman



This is a real story. A few years ago, she traveled to the sea with her friends for a summer vacation. After arriving at the sea, she and her friends drank a lot to enjoy their summer vacation at the hotel.

They’re all drunk. So some of them fell asleep and some of them were still in the living room drinking.

Just then, a friend who was asleep suddenly jumped up. And all of a sudden, she started twisting her body around here and going around the room. It was so funny to see her tottering drunk.



She stumbled and snapped her head against the wall and fell on the floor. Then she got up again and stumbled around the room. Then, she would blow her head against the wall again, hit the window, fall on the floor and stand up.

The people watching her looked funny, but she seemed to be in danger if left alone. So her friends managed to calm her down and help her fall asleep in bed.

The next day, she and her friends all shook with fear when they heard the story of her friends who fell asleep together.



Four other friends who fell asleep with her last night had the same nightmare at the same time.

Last night, four of her friends lay still in their dreams and the ghost, looking at them, grabbed her head and dragged her out to the living room as if she were picking one.

And the ghost dragged her back over here and threw her head on the wall and on the floor. Then when the ghost lost her head, she ran to the room desperately. Every time, the ghost grabbed her and dragged her around again.

And her friends lay motionless and watched the ghost drag her around.

After all, what her friends didn’t fall asleep saw wasn’t her drunk, wobbling. It was a ghost that grabbed her friend’s hair and dragged her back over here.


Ghost in the dark

One night, a boy was going home late in the evening. That day, the sky was full of dark clouds as if it were going to rain. The boy was a little scared, but he went into the dark alley to get home faster.

just then

At that end of the dark alley, the smoke started to bleed and gradually became a ghost.

The boy thought he would run away, but he couldn’t move at all. Just then, the ghost told the boy in a uniquely resonant voice.



“HHHHHHHH~~~~~~~ Go back three steps ~~~~”

The boy was so scared. So he three stepped back as the ghost said. Then, the ghost told the boy again.

“HHHHHHH~~~~ Go left two steps~~~~~”

Again, the boy moved to the left as the ghost said. Then, the ghost disappeared into the air and told the boy as if it felt good.

“HHH~~~, You stepped on the dung~~~~~”

HA HA HA~~~~


But it’s not the end. A few days later, the boy came back into the alley. It was a dark night then. And then the ghost appeared in front of the boy again. The boy was scared, but this time he decided not to be fooled by the ghost.

“HHHHHHHH~~~~~~~ Go back three steps ~~~~”

Again, the ghost ordered the boy. However, the boy didn’t move around this time. Then the ghost looked confused. And the ghost soon ordered again.

“HHHHHHH~~~~ Go left two steps~~~~~”

But this time, the boy didn’t move around. The ghost looked at the boy with a look of disbelief. The ghost then disappeared into the air like smoke, leaving the boy a final message.

“HHHHH~~~~ How long will you be stepping on that dung?…. HHHH~~”